Edition Four

Mallorca, Spain.

Mallorca, Spain.

…And we’re back! It’s been two years since the last edition of this journal was written. During our initial sprint, 1500+ people started following along. The code that supported it was written as part of a school project, then it crashed, and life got in the way. By relaunching here, we are hoping to support our initial following and anyone else who decides to join us as we continue highlighting a diverse set of companies and roles. The landscape for opportunity is greater than ever with the amount of available jobs at one of its highest peaks. This journal focuses on opportunities to collaborate with compelling companies working across social, cultural, technological and scientific endeavors who also have the creative integrity and resources to solve unique problems globally. Our goal is to make the landscape of opportunity easier to digest whether you work in software engineering, human resources, creative, film production or business development.

Modern Fertility is democratizing women’s access to their fertility information before they want to have a family. Their at home kit tests for nine hormones aiming to arm women with more knowledge, so they can consider things like freezing their eggs and in vitro if they need to, before it’s too late. See more from Vogue here. Their Co-Founders, Carly and Afton, are wicked smart and they are building a brand that is dedicated to giving women more access to make informed decisions about their reproductive health during an important moment in history. They also happen to be one of the companies we are working with at First Round Capital.

LOCATION: San Francisco


  • Software Engineer

  • Business Development/Partnerships Lead

  • Growth Marketer, Community

  • Head of Growth

  • Customer Experience Lead

Pachama is restoring the forests to solve climate change by building technologies that accelerate the Forest Carbon Offset marketplace. By using aerial data to create precise measurements of potential carbon capturing capabilities for forests globally, they can then get an estimation of the income potential these forests can generate through carbon offset projects. They were recently funded by Y Combinator (they came out of YC W19) and have developed technologies that predict future deforestation as well so preservation efforts can begin before it’s too late. More from Fast Company here.

LOCATION: San Francisco


  • Business Operations Manager

  • Chief of Staff

Crooked Media is dedicated to creating more meaningful conversations about politics in the United States. They promise a no-bullshit conversation about politics and culture and happen to be led by Obama’s head speechwriters, National Security spokesmen and Communication Directors. Their team started producing podcasts in 2016 and now have multiple traveling live audience shows with guests like Nancy Pelosi and Van Jones. Jon Lovett, one of their founders, also hosts a weekly comedy show at the Hollywood Improv. They provide a refreshing mix of information, jokes and insights but also strategies for assembly and message unification. Crooked donates money to defunded groups like Planned Parenthood, helps register voters and promotes civic engagement both online and offline. Oh, and they recently won a Webby Award.

LOCATION: Los Angeles + Detroit


  • Product Manager (Contract)

  • Producer

  • Senior Producer

  • Associate Producer

  • Human Resources Manager

Forward, focused on building a new operating system for health care, has opened a clinic in San Francisco that takes patients through an “Apple store like” experience with infrared body scanners and in-office speech algorithms to transcribe what is happening in the examining room. More here from TechCrunch. They have an on-site pharmacy and built an app that relays biometric data to its clinic where medical staff monitoring patients can respond to text messages around the clock. They are aiming to treat 10,000+ people out of their San Francisco location and are already scouting their next locations. Forward is being led by Adrian Aoun, a serial entrepreneur who once led special projects at Google for Alphabet CEO, Larry Page. Check out more from Forbes here. Investors include Khosla Ventures, Peter Thiel’s Foundation Fund, First Round Capital, Marc Benioff, Co-Founder of Uber’s Garrett Camp among others.

LOCATION: San Francisco


  • Senior Product Designer

  • Creative Producer

  • Head of Expansion

  • Head of Talent

  • Product Manager

  • Front-End Engineer

  • Full-Stack Software Engineer

  • Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • … and many others

Instagram, is well, Instagram. They made some significant announcements at the most recent F8 keynote that include being able to raise money via your IG story for causes you care about like GLAAD and the Malala Fund. The theme was that “the future is private.” Instagram is rolling out private tests in Canada where like counts on videos and photos will only be visible to the user, not their followers, to promote more authentic content and user behavior in a less pressurized environment. They also mentioned a handful of other ways they are updating the app to facilitate more creative efforts aka anything that isn’t an image. See more here from The Verge.

LOCATION: San Francisco


  • Business Affairs Lead (Contract to perm)

  • Creative Director (Contract to perm)

  • Creative Resource Manager (Contract to perm)

  • Designer (Contract to perm)