Edition Five

Patagonia, Chile.

Patagonia, Chile.

Taking a different approach. We’ve received dozens of requests to start making editions theme driven, showcasing like-minded companies rallying around a certain mission or cause. To kick off this new series, we are starting with an issue looming over all of humanity despite our geographical location, climate change. With less than ten years left to correct decades of human environmental recklessness, we are running out of time to make it right. If you are interested in joining any of the teams below, please get in touch as soon as possible. We all depend on it.

The 5 Gyres Institute is fighting plastic pollution in our oceans through science, education, art and adventure. Together with the Break Free From Plastic movement, they are leading the charge towards a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals and the environment. In 2017, they received special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and are now on the hunt for an Executive Director to help them take their mission, goals, fundraising efforts and programs to the next level. This role will report directly to their Board of Directors.

LOCATION: Los Angeles


  • Executive Director

Impossible Foods recently raised $300 million in its latest round of funding ahead of what seems to be preparation for an initial public offering. More importantly though, they recently announced their plans for global expansion as their product lands in 7,000 restaurants worldwide, and will soon be in all Burger King locations across the United States as well as local grocery stores. Impossible Foods has nailed plant based meat replacement without sacrificing taste, texture or the juiciness of animal meat. Even though humans have been consuming meat since the caveman days, it is now time for all of us to cut down on our dependency, as animal agriculture takes up almost half of the land on earth and consumes a quarter of the freshwater we have left on our planet.

LOCATION: Redwood City + Oakland


  • VP, Product Management

  • Director of Communications

  • Director of People Ops

  • Director of Account Management

  • Recruiter

  • HR Business Partner

  • … And many more

Plenty landed the largest agricultural technology deal ever in 2017, when SoftBank’s Vision Fund led a $200 million Series B round in the company. Plenty uses a vertical growing plane primarily for leafy greens and said the investment would fuel their expansion and help build more farms across the globe. They’ve stood by that promise over the last couple of years rolling out in Seattle, China, Japan and the middle east. Their team recently debuted their most efficient and automated farm yet, called Tigris, designed to grow flavor-rich produce completely hydroponically with LED lights year-round. As drought, population growth and lack of arable land continue to fuel concerns about food shortages and instability, this team is focused on helping nations in all parts of the world grow enough food to support their local populations. Oh and they recently hired Twitter’s former CFO so it’s sure to be one hell of a ride.

LOCATION: San Francisco


  • Senior Machine Learning Engineer

  • Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Senior Designer

  • People Operations Generalist

  • Senior Recruiter

  • Firmware Engineer

  • Director of Business Development

  • … And many more

Jupiter Intelligence sells climate change impact data to governments and private industries to help them assess the risks of ensuing severe weather and recently raised $23 million in their Series B. As our planet warms, there is an increased chance of devastating natural disasters and Jupiter wants to predict the structural and displacement effects of these disasters before they happen, but they also want to put a price tag on them to encourage people to take action. WIRED recently featured Jupiter saying, “Hurricanes and storms are going to get more severe, heat will get more extreme, wildfires will burn farther and faster, diseases will range across more populations, and sea levels will rise. The remaining fights are not about ‘if’ or even ‘when.’ They’re about ‘how bad.’” While Jupiter may not be focused on saving what’s left of our world, they are painting a realistic one about the societal implications that are coming turning the conversation from a political one to a financial one, because in the end someone is going to have to pay to fix this. More here.

LOCATION: San Mateo + Boulder + New York


  • Human Resources Manager

  • Business Development

  • Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Software Engineer

  • UI Engineer

  • Marketing

  • Product Manager

  • … And many more

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been bringing scientists, students and communities together to promote global climate literacy since 2008. Their goal? For the general public to understand their individual role in global climate change in hopes that they make more informed decisions in the future. For the last decade, JPL has hosted nation-wide Climate Day programs comprised of NASA resources related directly to climate science and NASA trained Earth Ambassadors, encouraging public outreach and awareness. They’ve also built climate mobile apps, climate time machines and images of change to make the information more digestible for all of us.

LOCATION: Pasadena


  • Producer